Transportation of heavy loads

ЕрасылЕрасыл 3 уровеньУчастник
We need transportation services for heavy loads. The cargo will need to be loaded before transportation. We have large gas pipes that need to be moved.


  • ZinchenkoZinchenko 3 уровеньУчастник
    For transportation of very heavy loads you need special vehicles, which not all companies have. You need to look for companies that deal with oversized transportations. I know of only one. Because we ourselves have applied to them for such services.
  • ЕрасылЕрасыл 3 уровеньУчастник
    We did not find a company that provides transportation services for oversized huge loads and that they can load it on a special truck.
  • ZinchenkoZinchenko 3 уровеньУчастник
    отредактировано июля 2022
    Then I can tell you: contact this company for heavy haulage services . They will be able to get you anywhere in the country with the largest load. They have had a lot of similar projects on cargo transportation. Therefore, they can easily handle the task at hand.
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