Need a shipping company

ЕрасылЕрасыл Участник 3 уровень
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Looking for a new company that deals with the transportation of goods by road and rail. Need a company that specializes in international transport. From China to Asia and Europe.


  • ZinchenkoZinchenko Участник 3 уровень
    You can find such a company and it will not be difficult. The Internet is full of different options that may suit you. The main thing that you are satisfied with the price for the carriage of goods. For what reason did you leave your old company?
  • ЕрасылЕрасыл Участник 3 уровень
    The company with which we cooperated before did not have time to renew the license as a result it is now frozen. We need an urgent alternative to this company.
  • ZinchenkoZinchenko Участник 3 уровень
    This happens in life. But you should not choose the first company that provides logistics services. Since there are many problems that the company may not be able to solve. You need a company that is engaged in complex transportation of goods, if yes. Then turn to this company for the international carriage of goods My good friend who runs a large business delivers all his shipments through this company.
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